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About the author

Jos M. Koomen, PhD

Utrecht, The Netherlands, EU

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Although Jos M. Koomen studied pharmacy and pharmacology (PhD) at Utrecht University, his life-long interest concerned the fundamentals of physics in general and energy in particular. After twelve years of teaching and research at Utrecht University, he became aware of the fact that modern science, which is based heavily on linear reductionism, has yielded so far many impressive theories and techniques, but is nevertheless still unable to solve complex problems. As a result, he also studied for several years philosophy at the same university and started a business in e-learning to earn sufficient money to become an independent scientist.

His main goal is the development of an inductionist logic model for studying the complex behavior exhibited by multi-relational systems or networks -which, according to him, means integrated linear and nonlinear behavior-, and to be able to solve complex problems inherent in such systems.